rsync mailing lists

There are three mailing lists for rsync. All are optionally available in digest mode and also through web archives.

Since these lists can generate a lot of traffic we suggest that you should not subscribe from a web-mail account such as Yahoo! or Hotmail, because your mailbox is likely to overflow. Instead, please read directly from the archives.

  • rsync is the main mailing lists for developers and users. It sees between zero and twenty messages per day. This is a good place to send questions about rsync, but please read this before posting. [archive 1, archive 2, subscriptions]
  • rsync-announce carries only messages from the maintainer annoucing new releases, which happen at most a few times per month. [archive 1, archive 2, subscriptions]
  • rsync-cvs carries messages are automatically generated whenever a developer changes the source code, which can happen many times per day. If you subscribe, you should probably choose digest mode. [archive 1, archive 2, subscriptions]

Please report problems with the lists to the postmaster at, but note that you can control your own subscription using the web interface.