rsync on NT

From:   "Mike McHenry" 
Subject: Rsync 2.3.1 WinNT binaries and instructions available
Date:   Fri, 15 Oct 1999 02:53:30 +1000

Hello all,

I have created Windows NT binaries for rsync 2.3.1 and have decided to make
them available for others to download. These binaries have been tested on
Windows NT Server 4.0 SP5 and WILL run in daemon mode if you follow my
instructions below. I make no guarantees about these binaries, they have
however been working for me for weeks on several NT machines.

Binaries at

Instructions for running in daemon mode:

1. You will need two files, rsync.exe and cygwin1.dll. Place rsync.exe
anywhere you like (I chose c:\program files\rsync\rsync.exe) and put
cygwin1.dll in c:\winnt\system32

2. You will need a program from the NT Server resource kit called
srvany.exe. This program allows you to run any executable as a service. If
you simply install the entire service pack it will be located in c:\ntreskit

3. Create a service for rsync by typing the following:
  instsrv Rsync "C:\ntreskit\srvany.exe"

4. You should now have a new service called Rsync and you can verify by
looking in Start->Control Panel->Services DON'T START IT YET!

5. If you want to run rsync in daemon mode you will need a configuration
file. Here is the one I use, call it rsyncd.conf and place it in the same
directory as rsync (C:\Program files\rsync\rsyncd.conf)
  use chroot = false
  strict modes = false
  hosts allow = *

     path = /
     read only = yes
     list = no

This example configuration will make one big anonymous anonymous rsync area
available, I use this to backup my NT machines from a central Unix machine.
This configuration might not be ideal for you, change to suit your tastes.
The first two lines are important for rsync to work on Windows NT however.

6. You are going to need to hack some keys in the registry to make it work.
Don't do this unless you are comfortable with the changes! Run regedit32 and
add the following keys and values (quotation marks ARE IMPORTANT):
    Edit->Add Key->  Key Name: Paramaters
    Edit->Add Value->  Value Name: AppDirectory  Value: "C:\programfiles\rsync"
    Edit->Add Value->  Value Name: Application  Value: "C:\programfiles\rsync\rsync.exe"
    Edit->Add Value->  Value Name: AppParamters  Value: --config="C:\programfiles\rsync\rsyncd.conf" --daemon

7. That's it, you should be able to start and stop the rsync service at will
using the Services Control Panel. When running with the above configuration
you should be able to test by attempting to telnet to port 873 from a remote
  telnet 873 (replacing with your own
server's address)
You should get a connection to the rsync daemon running on your NT box.

8. If you have problems you are on your own, sorry, I have enough to do :) I
would suggest triple-checking your spelling on EVERYTHING (filenames,
configs, reg keys). If you have any comments or suggestions I would be happy
to hear them at

Mike McHenry
 Systems Administrator
 MinnNet Communications, Inc.